Loans Funded to Date
The Proof We believe seeing is believing. This map shows the borrowers that the Andable community has helped fund. See the lives that your purchase on Andable has helped change.
http://www.kiva.org/img/s100/1486981.jpg Salim's Group Agriculture | Farming Kenya ke Salim is a member of Bidii Farmers Ass Group in Matete District. He is pictured here in a group of 9 One Acre Fund group leader farmers. The group leaders represent a total of 89 individual One Acre Fund farmers who are not pictured here. Salim has been selected to act as the Kiva group representative and is standing on the right with his hand raised. He and the other farmers represented in this group are each receiving ¼ acre of maize and ¼ acre of sorghum or millet. Each farmer is receiving an average input loan of 5,349 shillings for maize, millet and sorghum cultivation. Salim is a reliable member of the community. He is married with 3 children. Salim is 53 years old and has been working as a farmer for the last 5 years to support his family. In addition to this, Salim is very active in his community and is involved in the prayer group. He described his harvest last year as good. He hopes as a One Acre Fund farmer he is able to join the ranks of One Acre Fund farmers that have doubled their harvest in their first year of the program! The 2013 Long Rains season will be Salim’s first season with One Acre Fund. He joined this year in order to get the best seed prices, get new farming methods and get fertilizer and hybrid seeds. As an active member in his community, Salim also volunteered his time to be a group leader and Kiva representative and he wants to help more farmers. Salim plans on using future profits from the harvest to save for the future and buy a goat. He believes that his life will improve by working with One Acre Fund because he has more farm training and has more farm group support. Salim and the Bidii Farmers Ass Group need a loan to cover the initial costs of purchasing the seeds and fertilizer through One Acre Fund. One Acre Fund will repay the Kiva loan on behalf of the farmers through the profits from the farmers’ harvests. One Acre Fund pre-purchases the seeds and fertilizer when prices are low and passes the cost savings to the farmers. Throughout the planting and harvesting season, One Acre Fund also provides training and support to the farmers as they make payments back to One Acre Fund. With support from One Acre Fund and your loan, these farmers will have a chance at a successful harvest, increased profits and improved lives. Please note that there is 1 additional group leader in this photo who will be working with One Acre Fund but will not be a part of this Kiva group loan. The field officer is also included in the photo and is standing on the left of the photo. 1 38
http://www.kiva.org/img/s100/1494267.jpg Gulnara Retail | Retail Kyrgyzstan kg Gulnara is 39 years old and she is married with two sons. She has been working as a shopkeeper since 2000. Until 2012 she sold mensware, but for the last year she has been selling children's toys, starting with a sum of 50,000 som (KGS). Gulnara has been able to increase her business to a monthly income of about 15,000 som. With the goal of expanding her assortment of goods, especially with the upcoming New Year's holiday, Gulnara has turned to "Bai-Tushum and Partners" for a loan to buy new types of toys for her retail business. She is sure that by expanding her assortment of goods, she will have a chance to increase her income. Gulnara plans to use part of this income to make repairs to her home, and the other part she plans to further increase her assortments of goods. 41 75
http://www.kiva.org/img/s100/1569201.jpg Norvi Services | Services United States us Norvi owns and has been the sole operator of Sign Up Design, Inc for the past ten years. This graphic and web design studio specializes in custom web and graphic design services for businesses of all sizes. Norvi works mostly with local clients with branding services including logos, websites, and marketing designs. However, she also has many clients across the continental United States. Norvi is seeking to expand her business and fulfill the growing demand. She hopes to purchase an additional server to help maintain the heavy web traffic demand of her ever increasing customer base. Help Norvi provide a necessary service to many local business owners in the Florida area! 39.76 -98.5
http://www.kiva.org/img/s100/1600508.jpg Naseem Retail | Plastics Sales Pakistan pk Naseem is the age of 30; she is a mother of three children and lives in Lahore, Pakistan. Her husband has been running a plastic utensils shop for the last 5 years. He manages his household necessities from his own shop; some of his relatives like to purchase from his plastic shop as well. He speaks with a tone which is impressive, and he easily wins the trust of his clients. Due to his behavior and tone, he has built up very good relations with his customers. His plastic utensils shop is very famous in the market – that is the reason his business is running well. His sales have increased a lot, but he does not have sufficient stock to cope with the demand. Therefore, Naseem requested a loan for her husband so that he can buy more plastic utensils stock to sell. Naseem thanks Kiva and field partner BRAC Pakistan. 31.549722 74.343611
http://www.kiva.org/img/s100/1615776.jpg Maria Carmen Food | Food Production/Sales El Salvador sv María has already been in business for 20 years. She makes and sells tortillas, and also offers a variety of dairy goods. Her mother taught her this profession. Her hours are from 6:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. One major advantage is that she has no competition in her area. María is in a relationship. She lives with her life partner and her 13-year-old son, who is in school.

She'll invest the loan in kindling, corn, lime, cheese, cream, quesillo (soft cheese), curds and bags, which she'll buy wholesale in order to save a little and generate a good income that will help her make loan payments and improve her family's lifestyle.

She aspires to continue working so she can improve her family's quality of life.
13.833333 -88.916667
http://www.kiva.org/img/s100/1645906.jpg Leidy Catalina Retail | General Store Colombia co When speaking about Leidy, one cannot ignore that she is a woman of the beautiful values that characterize the thriving and enterprising women of Colombia. Leidy is not satisfied with the income she earns as a clerk in a neighborhood store so she decided to start her own grocery store business in the town of La Dorada. It is an opportunity to get ahead and have a more prosperous future. Although she is single, she dreams of having a family and giving them the best. Leidy is requesting a loan to purchase a cabinet, shelves, refrigerator, and a product range to stock her store with staple goods and groceries, snacks, and sweets, to make a store in the space she has in her home. She dreams of having a recognized business in the area and to have many customers. 4 -72
http://www.kiva.org/img/s100/1661543.jpg Trebol Group Food | Food Market Bolivia bo The “TREBOL” communal bank is starting their 4th cycle with Pro Mujer, as part of the Guayaramerin regional office. It is composed of eight members led by a board of directors with Mahaly as President. The businesses of the communal bank's members are varied amongst them are: the sale of clothing, furniture sales, food sales, selling groceries, perfume sales, selling pastries and a cleaning service.

After the flooding that occurred in Guayaramerin many micro-businesses were affected as they lost the greater part of their merchandise and their work tools. Mahaly says that she joined Pro Mujer three years ago on the invitation of a friend who is a client of the institution. She says that after the natural disaster which affected her family. she decided to restart her commercial activity as it is her only source of production. The business she has is selling groceries and meat. She says that she learned the business three years ago as there wasn't a similar business in her neighborhood and the people wanted one.

The loan that she is now taking out is to increase her working capital (buying supplies wholesale) that she will acquire from the wholesalers of the city and later sell in her business. This manner of work allows her to generate resources to support her family as she lives in a relationship and has three children.

When asked what she liked about pro Mujer she replies that she liked the support and the health services for her family that the institution provides to reestablish her business with medical visits.
-17 -65
http://www.kiva.org/img/s100/1689510.jpg Sheedan Agriculture | Animal Sales Pakistan pk Sheedan is a 53-year-old married woman who has been doing a business of cattle purchase and sale with the help of her husband for many years. Her business has provided her family with a decent life. She is the mother of eight children. She is very motivated to provide them a beautiful life with good education, food and clothing. She is in her second loan cycle and has requested a loan of 30,000 PKR. She intends to utilize the loan amount to purchase more cattle. She is hopeful that her business will generate greater revenue in the future. 30 70
http://www.kiva.org/img/s100/1692604.jpg Las Américas (Cuenca) Group Agriculture | Agriculture Ecuador ec The Las Américas (The Americas) Group is formed of 8 female members and 1 male member, who live near the city of Cuenca. In these places, people work in agriculture and raising animals; people also work in the city in different activities that allow them contribute to the finances of their households. The female members are hard-working, kind, and charismatic women who fight for their families. One of the members of this group is Ana. She is 34 years old, is separated, and in marriage, had 5 children who are 14, 12, 10, 8, and 3 years old. Her first two children study in high school, and her next two children are in primary school. She doesn’t have her own house, so she lives in a rented property. Ana works in agriculture. She grows vegetables and sells them in the city. She also raises pigs, guinea pigs, and chickens. The money from her loan will be invested in the purchase of fertilizer, seeds, and food for her animals. Her goal is to have her own store to sell her vegetables. The inset photo is of a member that couldn’t be present when the group picture was taken. -2 -77.5
http://www.kiva.org/img/s100/1706923.jpg Motacu Group Food | Food Bolivia bo Verónica, 30, is a married mother of 3 children aged 12, 7, and 3 years. Her business is making and selling lunches.

She is a good mother, responsible, a fighter, stable, and hard-working. She works in the southern part of the city, a popular and commercial area.

Veronica has olive skin, is of medium build, has long black hair, a robust complexion and her mother tongue is Spanish and guaraní from her parents (middle centre, black shirt, grey pants). She shares her life with her husband, who works, and her three children, who are in school. Due to the need to generate more income to pay the expenses of having three children, she formed a communal bank with others who have different businesses, but similar needs in order to request a loan to improve her own business.

Her business is making and selling lunches. She dedicates her time making cheese (mortadella) and tomato sandwiches with just a touch of mayonnaise. She wraps them up and around mid morning, she sells them as an ambulant salesperson to schools during recess and at noon to store employees. She dreams of owning her own snack shop, so she doesn't have to go long distances to deliver her orders. Her desire is to increase her business capital by having more prepared lunches for sale.

This is why Veronica is requesting a loan to invest in wholesale ingredients to make lunches and expand her business.
-17.8 -63.166667
http://www.kiva.org/img/s100/1716254.jpg Latanya Services | Services United States us LaTanya is not new to owning a small business. “I have had the entrepreneur spirit since I was a young girl,” she says. Prior to her current business, LaTanya owned a maid and janitorial service. Now, LaTanya provides a car service, driving clients to their destination in their own cars. This is especially useful when the client has an ailment (broken leg or arm) that prohibits them from using their own car, a car that they are already paying for! Senior citizens would also find this service useful and more comfortable than hiring both a car and driver. Think of LaTanya’s business as a twist on the “sharing economy”! LaTanya needs a loan to purchase office equipment, obtain a business license, and start advertising her company. 39.76 -98.5
http://www.kiva.org/img/s100/1743028.jpg Oyunchimeg Food | Grocery Store Mongolia mn Mrs. Oyunchimeg is 47 years old and lives with her husband in Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia. She has been running a grocery store since 2007. She lives there with her husband who works as a sentry, or security guard, at a high school. They have 3 children, all of whom now live on their own. Their grocery store has been deteriorating over the years. So Mrs. Oyunchimeg is requesting a loan of 4,000,000 MNT in order to buy building materials such as planks, cement, fiberglass, and foam to be able to renovate. After renovation, her grocery store will attract customers and increase sales, thereby improving her family's standard of living. 47.916667 106.916667
http://www.kiva.org/img/s100/1743831.jpg Nuevo Amanecer De Tambillo Group Agriculture | Dairy Bolivia bo The "Nuevo Amanecer de Tambillo" [New Dawn of Tambillo] communal bank will begin its first semester in Pro Mujer, as part of the Copacabana regional hub. It is comprised of nine members and is run by a board of directors, of which Rufina is the President.

The businesses that the members of this community bank run vary and include: food sales, ice cream sales, blanket sales, and transportation services. The loan that they will take out will benefit small micro enterprises, one of which Rufina's.

She says that she joined ProMujer a year ago, at the invitation of a Promoter of the institution who came to visit her at her home. She currently has a business selling milk. She tells us that she learned this business from her parents, since she supported the family business from a young age. Now that she has a family of her own, she decided to start her own business.

The loan that she will take out now is for increasing capital (buying cattle) that she will buy from wholesale venders in her community. She will then raise it to be able to sell the milk to distributors. This type of work helps her generate income to support her family, since she is married and has nine children.

When asked what she likes about Pro Mujer, she says that she likes the training and the service that the institution offers.

In the photo, one of the clients is absent. She went home early because she had to return to her crop.
-16.483333 -68.183333
http://www.kiva.org/img/s100/1752307.jpg Vanny Agriculture | Farming Cambodia kh Residing in a rural village of the Moung Russey district of Battambang province, Vanny is 55 years old and married. She has 6 children, two of whom are dependents and still in school. To support the family, she and her husband have been in farming business. The current business earns her family about 46,000KHR per day to meet her family’s needs. Vanny has been a member of Kiva’s partner, VisionFund, for three cycles already and she successfully used the past loan to better support her family to have sufficient food and to pay for her children’s education. Now, she is asking for a loan to pay for fertilizer and seeds for her farmland. She hopes to earn a larger income to improve her family’s living condition and keep her children in school. 13 105
http://www.kiva.org/img/s100/1760296.jpg Nga's Group Services | Services Vietnam vn Nga is 61 years old and lives with two sons and her husband. Nga is a teacher, and for seven years she has been running some classes at her house to earn an income to support her family. She is the Group Leader of a four-member loan group that lives in Ho Chi Minh City. In the picture, she is the second from left, wearing an orange blouse. Each of the other group members are requesting loans to fund income-generating activities. Nga is requesting a loan to purchase a scooter as a means of transportation for her son, so that he will be able to begin an apprenticeship, which will require him to travel extensively between his place of work and place of vocational training. She hopes that through the apprenticeship, her son will attain the skills that he needs to attain meaningful employment. 16.166667 107.833333
http://www.kiva.org/img/s100/1767092.jpg Pacita Retail | General Store Philippines ph Pacita, a 52-year-old married mother of seven, works hard to provide for her family. She has been running a general store in the Philippines for two years, and also earns an income from food vending. Having borrowed and repaid four previous loans from NWTF, Pacita has requested a new one for PHP 10000 to purchase more items to sell in her store. She aspires to save enough money to send her children to college. 13 122
http://www.kiva.org/img/s100/1817915.jpg María De La Cruz Retail | General Store El Salvador sv María is 35 years old and has a 4th grade education. She is married and her partner works in agriculture. She has 3 children, 2 of which are in school. María has had a store in her house for 12 years. She learned to run it thanks to her mother. María travels once a week to the city center to buy products to sell. She opens her store at 7:00 a.m. and closes at 6:00 p.m. María needs this loan to buy beverages, crackers, and snacks since her store is near a school. Her dream is to continue working in her store and to make it bigger. She also hopes that her children continue studying until they become professionals. 13.833333 -88.916667
http://www.kiva.org/img/s100/1829547.jpg Gayane Services | Beauty Salon Armenia am Gayane works at local beauty salon in Kapan, Syunik region. She lives with her husband and two school-aged children. She started her hairdresser career three years ago. Since Gayane had not had a stable job for some time, she decided to start working as a hairdresser and cosmetologist. By applying for this loan Gayane would like to purchase furniture for cosmetological service and tools and materials for hairdressing service. This will help her to enlarge her own business, have a steady income, and become more independent. Her loan has been approved within the framework of a new joint initiative between Kiva and SEF International. This program provides business start-up loans to informal businesses that do not qualify through normal channels. 40 45
http://www.kiva.org/img/s100/1836018.jpg Saliya Agriculture | Livestock Kyrgyzstan kg Saliya is 54, married, and has six children. She has a secondary vocational education. She started raising livestock and selling fruits and vegetables wholesale about 15 years ago. Thanks to her hard work, she currently has two cows and two tons of apples to sell. In order to expand her business, Saliya applied for a loan of 100,000 som (KGS) with Bai-Tushum Bank to buy livestock to increase her headcount. She plans to use her profits to renovate her house and pay for her son's wedding. 41 75
http://www.kiva.org/img/s100/1849043.jpg 6 De Junio Group Retail | General Store Bolivia bo The 6 De Junio communal bank will begin its 12th cycle with Pro Mujer as part of the Panamericana regional center. It is comprised of eight members and led by a board of directors. Anselma is the president. The businesses that the members of the communal bank are in engaged in are varied and include selling food, selling fish, selling clothes, selling traditional skirts, and selling cheese. The loan that they will take out will benefit small businesswomen where Anselma is a member. She says that she joined Pro Mujer a year ago, and she joined by invitation from a member who is a client of the institution. She currently has a neighborhood store. She says that she started this business several years ago with a small amount of capital to undertake her business. She mentioned that she set up her business upon observing the lack of this type of business on her street. The loan that she will now take out is to increase capital (to buy groceries wholesale and a cooler). She will get the items from the sellers in the city of El Alto, and she will set them up and sell them at her sale’s space. This way of working allows her to generate resources to financially support her family. She is married and has four children. When asked what she likes about Pro Mujer, she replied that she likes the training that the institution offers. -16.483333 -68.183333
http://www.kiva.org/img/s100/1302222.jpg Solange Food | Food Market Rwanda rw Solange is 30 years old, married, and has two children who attend school. She sells beans and tomatoes. Solange is requesting a loan, which she will use to buy more beans and tomatoes to sell. She plans to add to her savings with the profits from the business. -2 30
http://www.kiva.org/img/s100/1313250.jpg Rukhsana Retail | General Store Pakistan pk Ms Rukhsana is a 30-year-old married woman; she has been successfully running a small general store with her husband at the corner of her house. She has 1.5 years of experience in this field. Her husband also assists her by purchasing stocks of goods from the market as he has maintained many contacts for years. She is a mother of five children and is motivated to provide her family with good quality food, clothing and health. She wants to grow her business, so she requested a loan of 30,000 Pakistan Rupees (PKR) to buy packs of salt, biscuits and beverages to meet with the increasing demand of her customers. She is expecting boost in her earnings and dreams of providing better standard of living to her children. 31.416667 73.083333
http://www.kiva.org/img/s100/1322426.jpg Robiya Agriculture | Agriculture Tajikistan tj Robiya is 26 years old, divorced, and has 1 child. She lives with her parents in the Shahrituz region in the south-western area of Tajikistan. For the last 4 years, she has been growing crops. She has a plot of land where she grows melons. Robiya is seeking a loan to help her plant watermelons and purchase mineral fertilizers to work the land. She plans to use the profit from the harvest to host a ceremony for her son's circumcision. 39 71
http://www.kiva.org/img/s100/1363092.jpg Aida Agriculture | Agriculture Armenia am Aida has been involved in agriculture. She lives in a small city called Jermuk in one of the beautiful regions of Armenia, Vayots Dzor. Aida lives with her three children and husband who works locally as a policeman. Unfortunately, his salary does not allow the family to live maintain their lifestyle and there are a lot of costs that the family can't cover. In order to help her husband to sustain the family, Aida started a bee-keeping business two years ago. She keeps 30 colonies of bees and a calf. Aida makes honey which she sells locally. As honey is must have item for each household in the region, there is a big demand for that. So, in order to meet current market demand and gather high income, Aida would like to increase her agricultural business. Aida has applied for this loan to purchase ten bee colonies. Realizing that agricultural income is very important for her, Aida would like to enlarge her agricultural business and ensure a better life for her family. 40 45
http://www.kiva.org/img/s100/1294525.jpg Epiphanie Food | Butcher Shop Rwanda rw Epiphanie is 36 years old. She sells meat and has been in the business for six years. With the loan, she would like to buy more cows and have some of them slaughtered too provide more meat to sell. The profits from the business will be used to provide food for the family. -2 30
http://www.kiva.org/img/s100/1391452.jpg Gulkhan Agriculture | Agriculture Kyrgyzstan kg Gulkhan is 30 years old, married and has one child - a daughter. She has a higher education. She works as an intensive-care doctor at a local hospital. Gulkhan's family is very friendly and hardworking. In search of an additional income for her family, Gulkhan decided to also get involved in breeding livestock. Her husband helps her with the business. Gulkhan has been involved in animal husbandry and farming for over five years, having started this business with 7,000 som (KGS). Thanks to her patience and hard work, today she earns a monthly profit from the business in the amount of 5,000 som (KGS). The business contains two dairy cows and eight sheep. In order to increase livestock headcount, Gulkhan requested a loan in the amount of 120,000 som (KGS) from the Microfinance Bank "Bai-Tushum and Partners" to buy cattle for raising. Gulkhan wants to use the earnings from the loan to increase the livestock headcount and achieve a stable financial situation. 41 75
http://www.kiva.org/img/s100/1395090.jpg Letecia Food | Fishing Philippines ph Letecia is a hardworking entrepreneur who has a fishing business in the Philippines. She is borrowing PHP 20,000 through NWTF to buy additional fishing boat and fishing materials for her fishing business. Letecia has been in this business for 15 years. She earns more income from raising pigs. Letecia has been sustaining her business activities through her own efforts with the help of the loans from NWTF. She dreams of building and expanding her business to secure the future of her family. 13 122
http://www.kiva.org/img/s100/1416762.jpg Mariamma Group Food | Fish Selling India in Somulamma lives in the small village of J.K.Pur in the district of Rayagada, Odisha, India. She is a head-strong and confident lady. She hails from a poor family of Below Poverty Line. The lady standing third from left in the photo raising her hand is Somulamma. She is 38 years of age and lives with her only son aged about 17 years and her husband. Somulamma has had a fish business for the last five years. She purchases fish from wholesalers @Rs.70 to Rs.80/- per Kg. and sells it in nearby villages @Rs.100 to Rs.110/- per Kg. She earns about Rs.3,000 per month and her family income is about Rs.6,000 p.m. According to Somulamma this amount is not at all sufficient for her to manage the household expenditures. So she wants to expand her business to earn some extra income. This will be the first loan for the group from Mahashakti Foundation. Out of the other three members of the group, Radha and Bijayalaxmi are doing grocery businesses and Paibatali is doing a milk business. 20 77
http://www.kiva.org/img/s100/726677.jpg Anonymous Retail | General Store Liberia lr 6.5 -9.5
http://www.kiva.org/img/s100/1438380.jpg Aysha Agriculture | Animal Sales Jordan jo Aysha was born in 1986. She is married, and the mother of two. Her husband is in the military. Aysha has been selling goats and their products for a year. She started her project as a partner with her uncle. She is planning to work independently by buying her uncle's share in order to make it her own project in the future. Now she wants to increase the number of goats that they have in order to raise her productivity and income, and to be a good support for her family. But, she doesn't have enough money to do so. For this reason, she applied for this youth loan. 31 36
http://www.kiva.org/img/s100/1439246.jpg Qurbonbubi Food | Fruits & Vegetables Tajikistan tj Qurbonbubi has been trading fruit in the Shahrituz market for fourteen years. She is 49 years old. When she opened her shop, her family and other sellers at the market helped her. The citizens of Shahrituz are a kind and friendly people. And at the market, all the sellers treat one another with respect and kindness. In the Shohmansur market, one can find a wide variety of different fruits and vegetables. Shahrituz is the most sunny region of ​​Tajikistan. It's hotter there than in other areas. Qurbonbubi sells vegetables, fruit, and berries. This includes peaches, apricots, apples, pears, peppers, bell peppers, herbs and parsley. Qurbonbubi is taking out a loan to buy new types of fruit in bulk. She hopes to add another section to her shop with new and fresh goods. 39 71
http://www.kiva.org/img/s100/1447763.jpg Mzisadar Retail | Retail Georgia ge Mzisadar, age 63, lives in the village of Zemo Nagvazao with her son and daughter-in-law. The main source of income for the family is the small grocery store where Mzisadar works as a saleslady. She serves her customers all day long with love and care. Mzisadar also owns a cow that produces dairy products for selling as well as for the family's consumption. Now, Mzisadar is requesting a loan to start a gift store in her village center in order to generate more income. According her estimations, the business can earn her a good income and her villagers will be interested in shopping there as there is not a similar shop nearby. Mzisadar is happy for start-up program that gives poor people a chance to start and develop businesses. She hopes Kiva lenders will be helpful for her family. 42 43.5
http://www.kiva.org/img/s100/1461326.jpg Anush Agriculture | Livestock Armenia am Anush is a young farmer from Saratak village in the Shirak region. Her family consists of her husband, three-year-old son, two-year-old daughter, and her parents-in-law. Anush's father-in-law is currently in Russia as a labor migrant. He works there and sends some money to the family. Anush's husband is a contractual serviceman in the military service. With the help of her family members, Anush is engaged in breeding cattle, sheep and pigs, in aviculture, and in the cultivation of wheat, potatoes, and alfalfa. The family realizes the agricultural products in the local market, which is an important source of their income. To run her agribusiness in a sustainable way, Anush needs a loan of USD 2,500 to purchase six calves, some forage (barley and grass) for the livestock, and wheat seeds. She and her big family will highly appreciate the lenders' good will and will be very thankful to them for their help in sustaining their agribusiness. 40 45
http://www.kiva.org/img/s100/1462013.jpg Tsiala Food | Food Georgia ge Tsiala, age 43, is from the village of Ubisa. She is a widow and lives with her son, daughter-in-law, and an infant grandson. Tsiala works at a restaurant, where she cleans and washes dishes. Her monthly salary is nearly $150. After work, Tsiala helps her son in running an agricultural business. Specifically, the family breeds five pigs and plans to sell them in wintertime when pork prices are higher. In addition, Tsiala grows nuts and walnuts in her garden and sells the harvested products locally. The family income is modest and Tsiala wishes to start a trading business to generate monthly funds. With this start-up loan, Tsiala will purchase a car. She and her son will purchase cheese at wholesale prices in their village and transport the products by car at the neighboring town. They will sell cheese among retailers with a price mark-up and earn additional income for their family's well-being. The increased profit will be reinvested in the same business and Tsiala hopes she will be able to improve the standard of living for her family members in the future. 42 43.5
http://www.kiva.org/img/s100/1468211.jpg Mayram Agriculture | Livestock Armenia am Mayram is an experienced farmer from Dalarik village of Armavir region. She lives with her daughter, who is a university student. To take care of her family's needs, Mayram is engaged in breeding livestock (sheep and piglets) and in aviculture. She sells the agricultural produce in the local market, which is the main source of the family's income. As life is getting more expensive day by day, Mayram wants to expand her agricultural business to more effectively cover her family's expenses. A loan of USD 3000 will be a huge support to this hard-working woman and her family, enabling her to purchase two steers, to buy forage (barley) for the livestock, and to renovate the barn, which is in poor condition currently. Mayram and her daughter greatly rely on the good will of the lenders and will appreciate their support in collecting the needed amount of loan. 40 45
http://www.kiva.org/img/s100/1267401.jpg M H Group 3 Food | Soft Drinks Dominican Republic do Odilis is one of the members of the M.H Group 3. Group members are entrepreneurs dedicated to clothing sales, sales of natural products, shoe sales, teaching, food sales, sales of underwear, etc. in the city of Hato Mayor, one of the country’s most rural cities where the economy depends on agriculture. This Esperanza associate is the mother of two children. She and her long-term partner have raised their children with many sacrifices and much effort. She started her business three years ago at home, with a little money that she was able to save. This is her sixth loan. Her previous loan was repaid satisfactorily and she has made some good investments. She currently operates a business selling natural juices. Odilis is planning to invest the money from the new loan in fruits, milk, sugar, gallon containers, disposable cups, etc. She will use her profits to save and finish building her house, which she has been building little by little. Her favorite pastime is to study the Bible. Her main challenge is to have her own home. 18.833333 -69.333333
http://www.kiva.org/img/s100/1473201.jpg Al Azkiyaa Group Clothing | Clothing Sales Lebanon lb Yasmine is the featured borrower of Al Azkiyaa group. She joined with the other group members to acquire a loan from Kiva's partner Al Majmoua, because they have always been neighbors and friends. Yasmine is pictured on the left wearing blue. She is a 49-year-old single woman who has been working selling clothes for six years. She is acquiring a loan to increase her business merchandise with autumn and winter collections, and in addition to buy necessary Mouneh and diesel for heating during the hard winter season. She hopes to keep on developing her business and stay in good health to provide better for her three family members, who she is responsible for taking care of. As for the other group members, Jamila is standing in the middle with the dark blue shirt, and Jamal is the lady at the far right of the picture, wearing pink. 33.833333 35.833333
http://www.kiva.org/img/s100/1475599.jpg Kyzygul Agriculture | Livestock Kyrgyzstan kg Kyzygul is 66 years old and married. She and her husband have four children. She has a secondary education and is involved in animal husbandry, an activity which provides the main source of income for her family. She started in this business 32 years ago with the purchase of livestock for 1,000 som (KGS). Thanks to her very hard work, she now has four dairy cows and 15 goats. She makes a monthly income of 9,000 som (KGS). In order to further develop her business, she has turned to the microfinance bank "Bai Tushum & Partners" for a loan of 135,000 som (KGS). She will use her loan to buy calves, in order to increase her livestock headcount. She plans to re-invest the profits from this loan back into her business by purchasing additional livestock. She is also planning to save enough money for the construction of a new house. 41 75
http://www.kiva.org/img/s100/1478871.jpg Gulshan Agriculture | Livestock Kyrgyzstan kg Gulshan is 33 years old and is raising four children with her husband. Two of her kids are school age and two are still babies. Her youngest son isn't even one year old yet. Gulshan has a high school degree, she is a home maker and raises her children, as well as takes care of her small farm. The farm is the main source of income for the family and was started 13 years ago with the 10,000 som (KGS). Due to Gulshan's diligent work the family now owns two milk cows, two calves, 10 chickens and has 3 acres of land where they grow potatoes and beans. Gulshan's husband is a taxi driver and also works as a mechanic at a auto repair shop. Since the kids are all still young, Gulshan's husband works hard to save money for their future and is a very active father. The total monthly income of the family is 10,000 som (KGS). In order to expand the livestock herd, Gulshan has turned to micro-finance bank "Bai Tushum and Partners" for a loan to purchase another cow. She plans to use the profits from the loan to continue expanding the family's herd and save money for her children's college education. 41 75
http://www.kiva.org/img/s100/1480171.jpg Zaripakhan Agriculture | Livestock Kyrgyzstan kg Zaripakhan is 49 years old, a widow and raised 3 children alone. Her oldest daughter is married, second son is married and works in Russia, and helps the mother financially by sending a portion of his salary to her in Kyrgyzstan, and the youngest son lives with Zaripakhan. He works at a flourmill. Zaripakhan has a secondary education. To provide the primary income for her family, Zaripakhan is involved in animal husbandry, having started 22 years ago with a purchase of livestock with 5,000 som (KGS). Thanks to Zaripakhan's hard work, today her business contains 3 dairy cows and also a 0.73 hectare land plot, where she grows sunflowers and corn. The monthly income amounts to 12,000 som (KGS). In order to further develop her business, Zaripakhan requested a loan from the microfinance bank "Bai-Tushum and Partners" to buy bulls for fattening up and subsequent resale at a market at a high price. She has all of the right conditions at home for fattening up livestock. She plans to invest the earnings from the loan into further increasing domestic livestock quantities and saving money to hold a wedding for her youngest son. 41 75
http://www.kiva.org/img/s100/1175832.jpg Mujeres Unidas Group Retail | Retail Paraguay py The Mujeres Unidas [United Women] communal bank has 15 members. They established their main objective to be growing each day personally and in their work. Ignacia, age 29, is the president of the group. She is a very enterprising woman and a capable leader of a large group like this one. During all of these cycles she has demonstrated the desire to succeed. She sells various things like non-perishable food and basic needs products, etc. that are indispensable items for her customers. In the same way, it is essential to her to generate greater income. She is requesting the loan to buy merchandise like dairy products, baked goods, fruits, vegetables, and clothes, etc. -25.333333 -57.533333
http://www.kiva.org/img/s100/1179029.jpg Cecilia Retail | General Store Philippines ph Cecilia is 56 years old and married with 4 children. She works very hard to provide for them. Cecilia runs a general store in the Philippines and requested a PHP 22,000 loan through NWTF to buy goods for her general store business. Cecilia has been in this business for 13 years and sells a variety of items such as bread, soft drinks, noodles, soap, etc. In the future Cecilia would like to save enough to provide a secure future for her family. 13 122
http://www.kiva.org/img/s100/1186822.jpg Ri Agriculture | Farming Cambodia kh Ri is 67 years of age and focuses on farming as the major business activity of her family. She is very industrious in maintaining her farm work each season to ensure high production. She always dreams of having a comfortable life with a consistent income to support her family. She particularly grows vegetables to sell besides rice. Her main customers are the market venders, local people and passersby. She has been in this business for most of her lifetime. Ri’s husband helps the family with the financial support he earns from his firewood trading business. This couple looks old but they think that even at their age, they are strong enough to handle their businesses successfully. Ri is a mother of six grown-up children: a single child and five married children. At the moment, Ri is very busy at her rice fields due to a great deal of farm work to be done in this time of the season. As it’s really hard work, Ri needs to rent a tractor to till the land and also hire a few laborers to help transplant her rice. In connection with this, she is asking for a loan in the amount of 2,500,000 KHR to pay for plowing fees and labor costs. With the remaining portion of the loan, Ri will purchase fertilizers needed for her rice crop. Ri believes that, through the help of the loan, she will have an abundant harvest, and she hopes for better yields than the previous years. 13 105
http://www.kiva.org/img/s100/1194422.jpg Justo Retail | Electrical Goods Paraguay py Sr. Justo is single and lives in the city of Encarnación. He has a shop in central Encarnación where he sells batteries.

Justo says that thanks to the loans he has received from Fundación Paraguaya, he has been able to grow his micro-enterprise. This helps him to cover his daily household expenses.

Justo is requesting a loan in order to buy batteries of all brands so that he can restock his business and continue working. -22.993333 -57.996389

http://www.kiva.org/img/s100/1197945.jpg Evelyn Clothing | Clothing Sales Philippines ph Evelyn is a hardworking entrepreneur who has a buy and sell dry goods business in the Philippines. She has been in this business for 5 years. Evelyn earns more income from food vending. She is borrowing 15,000 PHP through NWTF to purchase additional stock to sell for her business. Evelyn has been sustaining her business activities through her own efforts with the help of her loans from NWTF. She dreams to save enough money so she could afford to send her children to college. 13 122
http://www.kiva.org/img/s100/1224380.jpg Rabeaa Retail | Cosmetics Sales Lebanon lb Rabeaa is a 47-year-old Palestinian divorced mother of five children. She has been working in selling cosmetics and accessories since October 2010. She also works at the UNERWA, but her family responsibilities forced her to start her own business. Since 2010, Rabeaa has been working hard on expanding her business capital, increasing her customers and making sure that all her children's needs and requests are covered. Rabeaa has been an Al Majmoua borrower for seven cycles, with a good-standing pay back history and excellent reputation. Rabeaa applied for a loan from Kiva's partner Al Majmoua, in order to increase her merchandise with special season make-up, perfume and cosmetics offers. She hopes that one day she will open a big cosmetics and accessories shop where she can provide privacy to her family. 33.833333 35.833333
http://www.kiva.org/img/s100/1228091.jpg Ernelle Carole Retail | Plastics Sales Cameroon cm Ms. Ernelle Carole is a young Cameroonian, 31 years old, and a resident of Douala City. A very ambitious woman, she would like to obtain this loan in order to purchase bags and wrapping materials for operating in bulk in the future. The profits from this business will enable her, such as to cover the schooling costs for her young children. 6 12
http://www.kiva.org/img/s100/1239567.jpg Guamboteñas (Cuenca) Group Food | Fruits & Vegetables Ecuador ec Guamboteñas is a community bank that is starting with loans from Fundación Espoir. It’s 8 members are natives of the province of Chimborazo, but they have lived in the city of Cuenca for a few years. All of them earn a living in the vegetable trade and they live in the outskirts. Despite living in another city, they haven’t changed their culture, traditions and way of dressing. All are nice, kind, and hard-working people. They fight day to day to improve the financial situation of their homes and to move forward with their families. One of the members of this group is Maria Hermelinda. She lives in the Feria Libre neighborhood of the city of Cuenca. She is 28 years old, married and she has a nine year old son. Her husband earns a living selling vegetables. They do not have their own house so they rent. Maria Hermelinda has had her own business selling vegetables for seven years. She sells these products as she moves through a market in the city. She works Sunday to Sunday from four in the morning until three in the afternoon. This loan is going to be invested in the purchase of vegetables to increase her products. Her goal is to have her own shop in the city market. -2 -77.5
http://www.kiva.org/img/s100/1246009.jpg Rosas De Cascada Group Arts | Embroidery Bolivia bo Cascada Focal Center Rosas de Cascada Communal Bank November 14, 2012 The “Rosas de Cascada” communal bank will start its 17th cycle in Pro Mujer as part of the Cascada Focal Center. It has 8 members led by a governing board in which Ana María is Treasurer. The members carry out a variety of businesses among which are vegetable sales, cereal sales, grain sales, embroidery, grocery store and wholesale bean sales. The loan they’ll take out will benefit small micro businesswomen in various lines of work. One of them is Ana María. She indicates that she’s been in Pro Mujer for 16 cycles having joined thanks to an invitation from a girlfriend who is a member of the institution. She currently has a business embroidering “caporal” (traditional Bolivian dance) outfits. She relates that she learned this business years ago having started out in it as an assistant. Later on she was entrusted with the materials so she could make them at home and she decided to open her own work space. The loan she’ll take out now is to increase capital. She will buy pearls and fabric at wholesale stores and after making them will sell them in her shop. This way of working allows her to earn resources to support her home however possible since she’s married and has seven children. When asked what she likes about Pro Mujer, she responds that she likes the health services. Dolores is missing from the photo because due to religious reasons she is not photographed. -16.483333 -68.183333
http://www.kiva.org/img/s100/1246433.jpg Corapata Group Food | Cheese Making Bolivia bo The Communal Bank "CORAPATA" will begin it's first cycle with Pro Mujer as part of the Regional Office of Copacabana. It is made up of 10 members and led by a board of directors in which Natividad is President. The businesses that the members of the communal bank carry out are varied, including weaving blankets, selling milk, selling cheese and the sale of livestock. The loan that the is being taken out will benefit their small businesses with different focuses. Natividad indicates that they entered the institution because a friend of hers who is a member had invited her. She currently makes cheese and raises animals. She learned these trades recently with the help of her father in law. Her loan is being taken out now to diversify her business by buying pigs, which she will buy in a nearby community and will then sell in the markets of El Alto after raising them. They type of work allows her to generate income to support herself and her family as she is able to. She is married and has six children. When asks what she likes about Pro Mujer, she responds that she likes the health and loan training. -16.483333 -68.183333
http://www.kiva.org/img/s100/1249052.jpg Sreang's Group Agriculture | Farming Cambodia kh Sreang, 46 years old, is a resident residing in a rural village of Moung Russey district located in Battambang province, Cambodia. She is married and has seven children. Sreang makes her living by growing corn and peanuts on a four-hectare plot of land. This industrious woman has been involved in her current business for more than ten years, earning around 37,000 KHR daily. This is Sreang’s seventh time requesting a loan via Kiva's partner VisionFund,. The previous loans have enabled her to better support her family. To better support her current business, Sreang is leading a loan group of two female members to take out a loan with VisionFund in the amount of 2,400,000 KHR in total. As a group representative, Sreang will use her portion of the loan, which is 1,400,000 KHR, to purchase fertilizer. Using this loan, Sreang expects to see a boost in her current business as well as the living conditions of her family. 13 105
http://www.kiva.org/img/s100/1258131.jpg Gulsaana Agriculture | Livestock Kyrgyzstan kg Gulsaana is 54 years old and married with five children. All of her children are grown except her youngest daughter who is still in school. Gulsaana has a grandson who is two years old. She is a good, peaceful and optimistic person. Thanks to her efforts and diligence, Gulsaana's business has good potential. She raises livestock for resale and she is also involved in agriculture, working 1.5 hectares of land annually. Since the main crop of the area is beans, Gulsaana grows them as well as perennial grasses. Having started her business in 1995 with 10,000 KGS, she now has ten head of sheep, two horses, two cows and two bulls. Her monthly income is 10,000 som (KGS). She has turned to Bai Tushum and Partners for a loan of 60,000 som (KGS). On receiving her loan, she plans to purchase ewes so she can increase the size of her herd. Gulsaana told us that she wants to fulfill an old dream, which is to purchase a car. 41 75
http://www.kiva.org/img/s100/1263857.jpg Burobiya Agriculture | Livestock Kyrgyzstan kg Burobiya is 44 years old, married, and has raised five children. Burobiya started working in animal husbandry twelve years ago. She started with 10,000 som (KGS) and bought one cow. Today, her farm brings in about 10,000 som (KGS) per month from the sale of dairy products and the resale of cattle. Today, the farm has two cows. In order to further increase her livestock, Burobiya contacted Bai-Tushum and Partners for a loan of 100,000 som (KGS) to purchase calves and sheep. Burobiya plans to invest her profits to increase the number of domestic animals she has and, in the near future, to improve the livestock's living conditions. 41 75
http://www.kiva.org/img/s100/1265840.jpg Sandra Elizabeth Food | Food Market El Salvador sv Sandra Elizabeth lives in her own house with her daughter. She works selling sweet bread, cakes and quesadillas, among other things. She has had this little business for some years and has acquired valuable experience, allowing her to earn the highest possible profits. Sandra Elizabeth is a street vendor and works in the area surrounding her home and has a lot of customers. Although her best customers are her neighbours, everybody buys from Sandra Elizabeth because she sells quality products at affordable prices and, more than this, she provides good service. She is an active woman, who is determined in and dedicated to her work. She wants to prosper and achieve her dreams so every day she puts in the maximum effort at work. She knows that this is the only way to have the success that she hopes for. In the last few weeks, demand has increased because of the holidays and she would like to take the opportunity to invest some more. However, she does not have enough capital so Sandra Elizabeth is applying for a loan with INTEGRAL so she can buy sweet bread in bulk. Sandra Elizabeth has a good credit rating and is very responsible. She assures us she will pay off her debt and, at the same time, she has faith that this will bring her financial security at home. 13.833333 -88.916667
http://www.kiva.org/img/s100/1267998.jpg Shahriniso Retail | General Store Tajikistan tj Shahriniso lives in Tursun-zoda. She is a widow with three children. Shahriniso has over ten years of experience in trade. Currently, she owns a store that sells various goods. Shahriniso is taking out a loan to buy fabric so that she can increase sales and have a more varied product mix. 39 71
http://www.kiva.org/img/s100/1268981.jpg Perpetue Blandine Clothing | Used Clothing Cameroon cm Blandine is a young woman who is 35 years old. She is married with two children who are in school. She has been selling clothes from her shop in the capital's market for the past 10 years. Her business is running well, but every Saturday she has to go to the wholesale market to buy the inventory for her shop. This is because she has very limited working capital. The money from this loan will allow her to purchase a bundle of clothes for resale in her shop, which will in turn increase her sales and profits. She plans to invest a part of the profits back into the business and use the rest to take care of her family's needs. 6 12
http://www.kiva.org/img/s100/1284707.jpg Muyassara Agriculture | Cattle Tajikistan tj Muyassara is a resident of the town of Kulyab. She is 64 years old and has two children. She is a widow. Her elder son is working abroad. Muyassara is involved in raising animals. She breeds livestock near her home. She has the necessary conditions for raising animals. She has three years experience in this work. Muyassara is taking a loan to buy calves and steer for the purpose of increasing the number of her cattle. 37.909167 69.781944
http://www.kiva.org/img/s100/1287381.jpg Hijos Del Sol Group Retail | Retail Chile cl This communal bank is called "Hijos del Sol" ("children of the sun", in English) and has eighteen entrepreneurs, all of whom have different businesses. There are electricians, upholsterers, photographers, craftsmen, clothes vendors and dressmakers, among others. All of the entrepreneurs live in the Independencia commune, in the city of Santiago. In flowery shorts and a black top, kneeling with her daughter in the photo is América. For two years now she has been selling clothes. She has exclusive designs, created with the help of two designers and she sends for her patterns to be made. She buys her merchandise in a district known for its fabric shops, near to her home. In addition, she sells perfumes, which she buys from distributors. She works from home, going door to door and takes orders. She says that she also worked as a home assessor in the Las Condes commune, which is far for her home. She did this 15 years ago when she came to Chile (América is Peruvian). She has used her loan to buy new fabrics for the season. América's dream is to have a shop in uptown Santiago, where she has seen that there is a better market and more demand. América is motivated to work away at her business so that she can give financial security to her children. She lives with her three children and with a higher income she will be able to pay for their education. She has liked working with Fondo Esperanza as they teach her to value her business and teach members to support each other. She also likes the relationship with others, particularly as a foreigner. She has been warmly welcomed into the group. Independencia, in the north of the city, is one of the 34 communes that make up Chile's capital, Santiago. It emerged at the end of the nineteenth century as a traditional area. Its centre is Avenida Independencia, the road along which the ancient "Camino del Inca" (Inca path) ran. This was the main entry from the north into the city of Santiago. Given its large indigenous population, it is in Independencia that you find Chile's Indigenous Culture Centre. The area also has various significant, historic buildings, including six of the country's monuments. -30 -71
http://www.kiva.org/img/s100/1286882.jpg Manuela Cristina Retail | General Store Mexico mx Since she began working with the institution, Cristina, a determined woman, has always managed to move her business forward so that she can enhance the well being of her children. Cristi, as her friends call her, is 52, and has been married to Silverio for 36 years. They have six children, who now live on their own. She did not have the opportunity to go to school, but she has several businesses that help pay her household expenses. She is applying to Vision Fund and Kiva for a loan to stock her grocery store and to buy condiments to make the sandwiches she sells. She opened her store 10 years ago and never imagined that the business would be so helpful. Her husband supported her initiative because his income alone would not cover their children's education and household expenses. It takes Cristi little time to prepare the sandwiches because she used to sell food; however, at times she doesn't have enough money to buy good cooking utensils, dishes, and so forth. The loan will help her buy items now to get her kitchen running again. Cristi says that the grocery store is going well, though the uncertainty she is experiencing today is somewhat worrisome. In addition to running the grocery store and kitchen, Cristi attends school. She works most of the day, and her daughter-in-law helps her in the store and kitchen. Cristi expects both of her businesses to be successful and generate income to improve her and her husband's lives. She is grateful to Vision Fund and Kiva for the loans they have granted her to sustain her businesses. 23 -102
http://www.kiva.org/img/s100/1302087.jpg Leyli Agriculture | Agriculture Armenia am Leyli is from Stepanavan town. She lives with her husband and son and jointly with them, Leyli is involved in agriculture. They keep livestock which currently includes 2 cows, 2 pigs, 20 chickens and 2 colonies of bees. Leyli also owns a plot of agricultural land where she grows nuts, apples and pear trees. The whole family works hard to gather a good harvest and sell it in the local markets. The main income of the family comes from agriculture so Leyli would like to expand it. She needs some financial support to purchase a tractor and start cultivating land. This will enable her to grow different types of vegetables and will significantly increase her income. So she has applied for this loan to pay for a tractor. She hopes that with the help of this loan she will be able to improve her agricultural business and improve her family's living conditions. 40 45
http://www.kiva.org/img/s100/1114942.jpg Sa Aem Retail | Cosmetics Sales Cambodia kh Sa Aem is 61 years old from Kampong Cham province, Cambodia. She is widowed and blessed with three children. She is a homemaker. Her children are employed. They are construction workers and a cosmetics seller. They earn about $18 per day. In order to improve her family’s finances, Sa Aem is requesting a loan of $1000 to purchase more cosmetics for her child to resell. By doing so, she will earn more profit to support her family. In the future, she would like to expand her business and build a new house as soon as possible. 12 105.5
http://www.kiva.org/img/s100/1124413.jpg Phallai Transportation | Taxi Cambodia kh Phallai is 33 years old. She is married and blessed with two children and lives in Kampong Chhnang Province, Cambodia. She has been working in a garment factory for more than six years, earning approximately $2 per day. Her husband runs the taxi service (motor taxi). He earns about $5 per day. Because the present motorbike is old, Phallai is requesting a loan of $500 to purchase a new motorbike for her husband to run the service. This purchase will help her husband attract more customers and earn more income to support the family. In the future, she would like to run a tailoring shop and help her children earn a bachelor’s degree. Moreover, she hopes to build a new wooden house as soon as possible. 12 104.5
http://www.kiva.org/img/s100/1134465.jpg Tossavi Cécile Retail | Retail Benin bj Married and the mother of four children, one of whom is still in college, Tossavi Cécile has been selling cereals, oil and various other goods for years. She gets her supplies in one of Benin's markets and her customers are made up mostly of those who live in the neighborhood and surrounding area. Experienced in [micro]credit, she has sought and obtained financial assistance from Finadev with the goal of strengthening her supply capabilities and of meeting customer demand. This assistance will allow her to contribute to the expenses of her children's education and to improve her family's diet. 9.5 2.25
http://www.kiva.org/img/s100/1132451.jpg Miriam Retail | Jewelry Philippines ph Miriam works hard to support her family. She is married and has a business buying and selling jewelry in the Philippines. Miriam has been in this business for four years. She has requested a PHP 29,500 loan through NWTF to buy additional jewelry to sell. In the future, Miriam would like to save money to expand her business. 13 122
http://www.kiva.org/img/s100/1152511.jpg Petronille Food | Food Market Rwanda rw Petronille is 49 years old. She is a mother of seven children between the ages of five and twenty-five. She sells sorghum and beans and has been in this business for 7 years. She has requested a loan to buy more beans and sorghum for resale. The profits from the business will be used to pay school fees for her children. -2 30
http://www.kiva.org/img/s100/1156201.jpg Emilia Clothing | Clothing Sales Peru pe Emilia is a member of the Banco Comunal Las Gaviotas. She is 73 years old and has two adult sons. She has been a member of FINCA Peru for the last three years. She makes a living selling clothing from her store. In her time with FINCA Peru Emilia has learned the importance of punctuality and responsibility. Her dreams for the future are to succeed in her business with a good attitude and her family by her side. The loan she is seeking will be invested in clothing for men, women, and children. This will help her increase the product offering for her customers. -13.158333 -74.223889